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Like many great ideas, 3P grew from an idea, a feeling and a need to inject inspiration into the mundane.


Peter ‘Ziggy’ is one of Australia’s most personable holistic financial planners.


Chris Borg is an experienced, personable and holistic business services accountant.

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Our purpose and aim is to create holistic wealth so that our members may find prosperity in all areas of their lives. Wealth, not in a narrow sense but in the broader sense of desiring a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing. In order to do this there needs to be a focus on health, relationships, and finance. The accumulation of wealth in a material sense, without good health and sustainable relationships, does not make a wealthy existence.

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1. Philosophy: The theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole. The whole is regarded as greater than the sum of its parts. 1.1 3P: Viewing Wealth as the sum of creating balance and positivity in all areas of one’s life including but not limited to financial independence, strong relationships and health.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

At 3P we provide expert advice to get our members on track to achieving Wealth. We take the time to assess and understand our clients and their situation as a whole. This is how we provide the best, tailored advice. We never give cookie-cutter solutions or recommend products because of our own financial interests.

Advice, however, is not necessarily the magic bullet to success and often even the best advice is left on the shelf because of the uncomfortable nature of change. We deliberately jettison the traditional service delivery approach to put the member at the centre of our tailored and practical plans. We cultivate strong relationships with our members to track their progress to ensure that their journey with us harmonises with their journey through life.

3P combines an innovative range of quality offerings with our exclusive online service delivery platform. The result is members receiving practical and viable solutions to make those necessary life changes and realise their goals. They have the added benefit of our online platform to add an ease of access and provide a community where members and experts share information and grow together.

Our Vision

To create Holistic wealth by assessing all areas of a person’s life and providing practical, personal and viable advice.

We empower our members by combining and understanding of their situation and ultimate goals with powerful advice and a plan that is easily executed in small, actionable steps.

We empower our members, meaning both our clients and staff, to unlock their potential to live a wealthy life.

Our Values

Ethicality: We aim to be ethical in our dealings both internally and externally. We don’t give advice that is not practical for a client to action, simply for the sake of our own financial interest. We will not line our pockets with our ability to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Simply put we prosper when our members prosper. That is in-fact the aim.

Empowerment: Our business model is about empowering all members of 3P, internal and external, to create wealth and prosperity in their lives. This means utilising our members’ strengths and creating relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Growth: Change is a catalyst for growth. When creating holistic wealth, necessary changes are expected and growth is therefore inevitable. However, growth is more than simply a by-product of what we do. We focus on building strong foundations for all our members so that they may grow and prosper in the best way for them.

Practicality: We take time to understand the important aspects of our clients’ lives so that we can make practical recommendations.

Viability: We understand the difference between what is the most effective solution based on the circumstances and what can actually be done, based on situational constraints. These are taken into account so that our services and recommendations are the best fit for the client.

Meet Peter

Peter ‘Ziggy’ is one of Australia’s most personable holistic financial planners.

Chris Borg

Chris Borg is an experienced, personable and holistic business services accountant.

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Financial planning is a real privilege – you’re looking into all aspects of a person’s life – from their debts to their goals and dreams, their health and their families. I really enjoy hearing what people want to do with their lives – and helping them achieve that.

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Chris Borg

The industry has created a strong passion within me to ensure that the relationship for both the adviser and client is aligned and that clients become truly involved in their own affairs.

Message from our CEO

Peter ‘Ziggy’ is one of Australia’s most personable holistic financial planners.

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Welcome to 3P Corp where we have a Passion for People to Prosper!

Hi, I’m Ziggy and at 3P Corp we are about building wealth, not just financial independence. To us, Wealth is about the individual prospering in all areas of their life and achieving their goals. For some time now, I’ve had a vision to create a business that takes care of our members. We don’t just perform the task, send the bill and send you on your way. We want to know how we can help and provide expert and practical advice in a range of areas to take stress away from our members. This leaves you free to pursue your dreams, knowing that we have got your back!

Because we promote physical and mental wellbeing through practical service management, we also partner with several organisations around Victoria to run projects in-line with our values. Check out our partnership with Light FM in Relationship Reno. In a society where divorce and simply giving up is so common, we believe in working through the issues towards a common goal. Because after all, most things in life you can’t back out of so easily. So we have decided to give one couple per week what they need to get to work on their relationship. Maybe that’s couple’s counselling, maybe its budget management to ease the stress of financial issues. Whatever they need, we are here to help people tackle their obstacles and come out on top.

Please feel free to browse through our range of services, engage with us on social media or contact us for more information.

Relationship Reno

A popular radio station has recently run a competition where listeners may contact the show to tell their worst relationship story. The winner gets their divorce paid for.

We’re all about seeing past obstacles to the solutions.3P have teamed up with LightFM to launch Relationship Reno on the Lucy &Kel show!

We are so excited to have been given this amazing opportunity to sponsor a show with such an amazing mission and one that aligns so closely with our core values.

Contact Us

Postal Address: 3P Corp, PO Box 33191 Domain LPO, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Office location: Level 1, 390 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Phone: 1300 305 061, (03) 9988 2801

Email: enquiries@3pcorp.com.au

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